Raquel Baptista Arquitectura

Creative Process
Open door | Architecture Scketch
The brand name initials (RB) were associeted with the open door representation on architecture scketchs
The letter R is reflected vertically, merging the stems of the two initials.
These processes combined result in a symbol with architectural and sober lines.

Main Version - Positive Monochrome

Second Version - Positive Monochrome

Main Version - Negative Monochrome

Second Version - Negative Monochrome


Architects: Steven Harris Architects Photography: Scott Frances

Architects: APOLLO Architects & Associates Photography: Masao Nishikawa

Architects: Lucas y Hern√°ndez Gil Photography: Juan Delgado

All images were used just as an example of how the logo works on photographic backgrounds. Photographic and architecture credits are referred at the bottom of the photos.

Project: RB - Raquel Baptista Arquitectura Year: 2018 | Graphic Design: Joana Rocha

Development of visual identity for an architecture company named Raquel Baptista Arquitectura.