Mixed Feelings

Project: "Mixed Feelings" | Year: 2017 | Illustrations: Joana Rocha
Creative work: Joana Rocha Orientation: Constança Amador

Developed during a course in Fbaup - "Initiation to Illustration: from literary metaphor to visual metaphor" taught by teacher and illustrator Constança Amador - Mixed Feelings is a project that unmasks human vulnerability in a society that creates unrealistic expectations and a illusion of perfection.

Through the spontaneous experimentation of acrylic on acetate, emerges a faceless character. This character is reproduced other times always with a phrase that reflects a true feeling and a false one. This contradiction of feelings exposed in the representation of the character and in the citations tells the truth of some fragilities and human insecurities hidden by a mask of lies.

The final result appears as an object that can be manipulated bringing the possibility to conjugate different states of mind by changing the position of the acetates. All this interactivity with the illustrations and the citations, gives a meaning to the title of the project (mixed feelings).

The main purpose of this project is to appeal to transparency (also ironized by the use of the acetate as a support) and to the search of our true selfs that remain undefined and in a constant transformation.